Cryptocurrency mania takes over colleges


We all know the success stories of Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg who left the college to start a new era of computer technologies and social media. Time has passed and now we are witnessing the rise of brand new technologies, just as mysterious and complicated as we thought of computers some 10-15 years ago. Cryptocurrency attracts thousands of young people who believe in a new future and leave the college to become a part of it.

Young people are open to new ideas. After the news about the rise of Bitcoin, many have researched Bitcoin and other market offerings. A sudden jump of Bitcoin price looked like a promising business where you can get rich quickly. While “big investors” made jokes on crypto, students saw an opportunity and did not want to miss it.  Even though young investors are not making billions, they still receive a solid income from their investments.

Surely, colleges could not pass that unnoticed. They offered new courses dedicated to studying cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. Computer studying and programming have been major subjects of studies for a long time, why not add blockchain technology to that list? In the long run blockchain technologies opened a new field of studies and new careers for graduates.

With the boom of cryptocurrencies came the boom of crypto exchanges. Students rushed to online trading platforms to try put their knowledge to the test. Binapex exchange is an ideal solution for newcomers. Its user-friendly interface ensures the best user experience out there. Its quality API connection for trading bots is just one example. Exclusive crypto index BACIX100 helps to measure the market dynamics to make trading even more convenient.

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