What is an ICO listing price? This is the price a cryptocurrency token is sold for during the ICO period. The price varies from a few cents per token to a few dollars. Depending on the amount the developers wishes to raise and the amount of token they allow in circulation, the cost of ICO tokens could be very high or very low.

If you are considering an ICO launch, a smart way of going about it is by selling the token for a few cents or less. Doing this has two advantages:


You’ll open your project to many investors: Almost anyone can become part of your project, not just the super rich.

Your ICO will have the potential of getting more revenue: With more investors pouring in their money on your project, your chances of hitting the target is very high. Money flows in from many people – both the rich and the poor – and everything adds up to making your ICO a successful one.


A major disadvantage of this approach is that more tokens will be sold. However, this is taken care of if you don’t set a limit (or set a high limit) on the maximum amount of tokens in circulation during the token creation process. ICOs 2017 lists comprised majorly of ICOs selling their token for a few cents (usually less than 10). Most of them reached their target within their ICO period.

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