Ether is a cryptocurrency that opened the door for many other cryptocurrencies. At the moment there are over 1500 cryptocurrencies that are actively trading. A majority of them is powered by the Ethereum platform. Ethereum became so popular for altcoins because it provides a way of creating one without much knowledge of programming. Below is a list of the top Ethereum Tokens (ERC20 compliant tokens).  They are currently shaping the cryptocurrency world.

  1. Binanace coin (BNB): it is a cryptocurrency exchange platform offering price slashes to users for any commission charged on its platform. They hope to become a decentralized exchange platform for cryptocurrencies. Currently its token is valued at $6 apiece and its market cap sits above $800 million USD.
  2. Augur (REP): Augur is a market forecasting platform providing vital information to businesses requiring their services. It uses a voting system on the prediction of an event. Users who predict correctly will be rewarded in REP tokens. Currently, the token sits at $12 apiece and its market cap sits above $130 million.
  3. Monaco (MCO): It’s a payment system for both cryptocurrencies and fiat money. They have a vision of integrating cryptocurrencies with regular payments systems. Currently, its token is valued at $5.6 apiece and its market capitalization sits at $88 million dollars.

The list of all ERC20 tokens goes beyond these but these are just the best out of the pack.

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