What is an ICO

As an investor, your major goal is to make a profit from your investments. ICOs are not charities where you throw money at projects. The recent string of losses made the previous year by investors has cooled down the craze for ICOs. But will ICOs die? Not really. The recent meltdown just shows that the market is beginning to mature. But what are the signs of a good ICO? Below are three of them.

Good market trend: The market is filled with initial coin offerings asking for your money. To fish out the good ones from the bad ones, you need to see how it’s actively traded. A token with more trade volume is dynamic and likely going to increase in value.

Good business model: When you glance through the whitepapers of ICOs they talk about the problem and the solution they’re offering. If these problems are realistic and the solution viable, then the ICO is on its way to becoming a success. Otherwise, it’s a failure.

Good legal backing from the government: To avoid being screwed for your investments only invest in ICOs with legal authority from the SEC of any country. As an investor, you can relax questions about the credibility of ICO holders with legal footing.

So how do I invest in an ICO? It’s simply by watching out for the factors above. But it doesn’t mean the ICO won’t flop though. Rather it boosts your odds of making a profit.

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