Let’s straighten up some fact. The best upcoming ICO and the best upcoming cryptocurrency are two different things. One is just an ICO the other may not necessarily be an ICO. In other words, when talking about the best upcoming cryptocurrency, that will involve crypto coins that are currently available without an ongoing ICO.

Cryptocurrency values are dynamic and it changes according to market forces. Also, there is a thing as the best upcoming cryptocurrency. But how can one know which is the best? Here are some factors that determine if an upcoming cryptocurrency is the best.

1.     Value Trend: If you’re looking for the next Bitcoin overtaker, then watch out for the values. How the value rises and how it falls tells us whether it’ll become a major currency. ICO report websites give detailed information on cryptocurrency values.

2.     Hype: Is a certain cryptocurrency receiving attention from big media? Are individuals mining more of that cryptocurrency? Then it is certain that its value will rise just as Bitcoin rose to the top in 2017.

Many blockchain ICOs stand a better chance of producing the next cryptocurrency that will overtake Bitcoin. Integrating their crypto coins to their business activities generates more demand for their tokens and boosts its value.

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