Due to the benefits of raising money through ICOs, there has been an increase in ICO launches since 2017. Each ICO makes new coin offerings to investors willing to invest in cryptocurrencies. The craze for new coin offerings saw developers getting so many investments from investors.  However, there are currently fewer upcoming initial coin offerings than it was in 2018.

Now, there are many investors left with ICO cryptocurrencies in stock, some of them are less valuable than what it was before. The challenge now is what to do with them. There are several ways to get some value for your money through your cryptocurrencies. Below are three smart ways of doing it.


Trade your cryptocurrencies for another one: The good side of cryptocurrencies is that you can trade them for another one that sounds promising. You can do this by converting your token to Ethers and then use them to buy some new crypto coins (if Ethers are not showing any signs of increase). This way you can recoup some losses and make a profit. This method makes sense if the value of your token is decreasing.

Sell your crypto coins: You can actually sell your crypto coins for fiat money and get your investment back. It only makes sense if your token value is higher than what you got it for.

Buy some of the ICO holder’s product or service with their token.

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