New crypto coin ICO

What is an ICO

Why you need to keep your self updated with the new cryptocurrency.

Keeping you self updates with all the new crypto that is going to be launched is incredibly important as an investor, because it is important that you are no out of date. First educate yourself about ‘ how do I invest in an ICO’. If you are already an investor building knowledge is important especially when you are investing your own hard earned money, taking risks is a part of an investors life but taking calculated risks is better than taking blind one’s. If you know what is new in the market and do your homework accordingly it is an opportunity for you to grow as an investor, it will increase your efficiency. Following are the ICO’s to invest in.

Here’s a List ICO crypto coins launching soon:

Fetch: Emergent Intelligence protocol.

The speed token project: Powering AI and he bot economy on blockchain.

Peer mountain: Decentralized trust for all.

FortFC: Unique crypto liquidity.

Poseidon: Optimizing impact.

Pledgecamp: The next generation of crowdfunding.

Rawg: Video game discovery platform that converts your skills into goods and services.

Foof nation: Blockchain food delivery marketplace.

Aassio: Real Estate Liquidity Ecosystem.

Mycro: Simply getting the job done powered by Ethereum.

Azultec: The easiest way to earn cryptocurrency.



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