Cryptocurrency List Top 10


Since the start of cryptocurrencies business in year 2009, their numbers are on the rise. The excitement related to this whole new economic model is worth watching. As we have seen in any new economic model, the start of any new model brings opportunities and challenges as well. The opportunities are well documented from creation of investment opportunities to new ways of savings this is help in almost every way. ICO report news also mentioned some challenges related to this model of economic activity. The biggest challenge is acceptability in the current economic system. How it be adjusted in current economic status co is yet to be seen.

The ever increasing numbers of cryptocurrencies is prove that investors welcomed this new way of economic replacement. If utilized well it can prove asset in many ways.

Below is the list of top 10 cryptocurrencies ICO company list.

Bitcoin: It is the best of the all with market value of $63Bn.

Ethereum: It is second best of the all with market value of $13.8Bn.

XRP: With market value of $13.5Bn it is also in top.

Litecoin: It market value is $2.6Bn.

EOS: It has total worth $2.5Bn.

Bitcoin Cash: It has total worth $2.2Bn.

Tether: With $2.02Bn total worth, it is among the top.

Tron: it is among the top ten with over $1.9Bn value.

Steller. It has market value around $1.5Bn.

Binance SV: It has total worth around $1.3Bn.

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